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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 3, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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of it actually reached into his pocket to call it and then he didn't call it. it came from the official in the back. >> referee: pass interference by number 24 of the defense. >> brent: that is malone. spot foul but a first down. >> kirk: the official is pretty close. it's a no-brainer there. malone hooked him with his left arm. >> brent: he got both. his right hand is on him too. >> kirk: right call. gives chelf and the cowboys offense another chance here. 2:31. >> brent: 2:30 now. empty backfield for chelf. throws it underneath and stewart is wrestled down at the 8 yard line. so this will bring up a second down. of course, any time k-state can keep them out of the end zone, they eat up some time here. they got it down to 2:14 and counting. chelf throwing to the right corner. dive. jump ball. intercepted! picked off by you know who!
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the hat trick for chapman! allen chapman with his third interception of the night! the senior from san francisco, who played at the city college of san francisco before transferring here and he has a rare night for a defense back. >> kirk: watch the quarterback wait, wait, wait. so many of his throws have been get back, get the ball out. get back, get the ball out. one of the few times he had to sit back there, hitch, hitch. i think it affected his rhythm and timing and he actually underthrew the football to allow chapman, number 3, to come up with his third interception. one of the few poor throws we have seen from clint chelf on the night. >> brent: any question about who the big 12 defensive player of the week will be? >> kirk: no. >> brent: you're looking at that guy. three interceptions. here comes pease! he gets the corner and goes
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down. smart move. well coached. keep the clock moving. oklahoma state can stop it a couple times with their time-outs. we have moved inside a couple of minutes. >> kirk: a pretty good effort by oklahoma state to try to fight their way back into this game. if they would have put a touchdown on the board, they are within seven and it comes down to an onside kick. clint chelf should be very proud of what he was able to do in trying to get this team back in the game. >> brent: so pease will run that wildcat again. he'll keep it behind wilson, breaking free. depending on the spot. it appears like he has got a first down here with 1:23. to the wildcats, it appears, are going to stay unbeaten. up wi
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one of the final four and, still, alabama is under fire with 3:23 to go. who knows. bill snyder and kansas state could be number one by tomorrow night. again, what time is that show? 8:30 for you guys? >> kirk: 8:30 eastern. >> brent: i'll be there and i'll be watching. >> kirk: would you like to hop on with us? i'd love to get some of your opinions on this. don't be surprised if oregon, if alabama loses, oregon sitting at 2 and the coaches poll and the harris poll they will get a lot of first place votes but it could move oregon up. >> brent: can you tell me how many points usc scored tonight? >> kirk: a ton. >> brent: they survived three overtimes, notre dame did, against pittsburgh. there is the oregon soar. okay? and lsu reorganize back. they lead alabama i think 3:30 to go in that game, something like that. herbie, how much points did usc score? >> kirk: a bunch.
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i can't remember. >> brent: the coaches won't consider the defense of oregon state? >> kirk: they will do what they do every week. if number one loses, who is at two. the bcs, remember, two-thirds of the bcs is the coaches poll and the harris poll. if alabama loses, oregon has a shot to go past notre dame and kansas state. >> brent: wow. mr. herbstriet is out on that duck limb! >> kirk: we will see. >> brent: i'm saying kansas state is staying number two after this performance. >> kirk: staying at two? and oregon to one, they will stay at two. >> brent: ha ha! i had your crimson tide coming back! good one, though. let's check in with heather. >> heather: bill, congratulations. 9-0 and undefeated. first time you or anybody on your team has beaten oklahoma state. what does it mean for the
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program to get over that hump? >> i've been here for a long time so we have won a game or two against oklahoma state. >> heather: in your second stint, nobody on this team has done it. >> i don't know. i don't pay attention to that. we just work today and try to get better today. >> heather: what can you tell us about collin klein and why he didn't return to the game? >> obviously, there is an injury and have to see how that goes. >> heather: can you tell us more about the extent of the injury? >> no. i don't speak about injuries. >> heather: you stay undefeated. with you undefeated and alabama tested right now where does that put you in the picture tonight? >> i have no idea. i don't know any scores. i don't know where we are. other than that we won a ball game and we have got to go in and try to get ready for the next one. >> heather: we will let you do that. >> sorry. >> heather: that's okay, coach. thank you. >> brent: there goes the old ball coach! >> kirk: sergeant schultz! i know nothing! >> brent: let's take a look at collin klein on this touchdown.
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we want to see. he goes in and his head slams down into the turf. and -- >> kirk: there was that hit and then there was another piece of video that we had where it looked like a player got a hold of his right wrist and he came up kind of holding his wrist as well. >> brent: so we wonder now when your marquee quarterback is injured, how long can you go before you say something? i know the coach is very tight-lipped about injuries as he told heather, but this is not just your ordinary injury. i mean, this is your quarterback of an unbeaten team and so we shall see. but that's a story still unfolding and -- >> kirk: heisman front-runner as
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well. >> brent: let's hope he is okay. i hope it's not an injury that will sideline him at all. the final thanks for watching espn. now we take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up with robert flores. take it away with that alabama and lsu game, my friend! you got it, brent. welcome inside the football studios. this is the ford wrap-up. depending on what happens in baton rouge the bcs standings could look different tomorrow once they are relieved. show you what is going on between number one alabama and lsu. rematch of the national tight game from a year ago. second quarter. a.j. mccarron of alabama on the quarterback keeper. a nine-yard touchdown and third rushing touchdown of his career and alabama cruising at the half 14-3. here come the titans.
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zach mettenberger to jarvis landry. right now, lsu cling to go a three-point lead late fourth quarter. notre dame severely tested toot at home against pittsburgh. second overtime. notre dame cierre wood fumbles at the goal line. pitt recovers and all they have to do is kick a field goal and walk out of south bend with an upset win. instead, kevin harper, no, sir. wide right. game extended. we go to a triple overtime. on pitt on pitt's triple overtime. notre dame 9-0 for the first time since 1993. they take on boston college a game you can see on abc. oregon and usc. oregon marcus mariota. 304 yards and four touchdowns on the afternoon.
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kenjon barner putting up tech know bowl type numbers. 321 yards rushing and five touchdowns. oregon rolls 62-51. coming up here is another barner touchdown run. the 62 points and 730 yards of offense are the most points and yards allowed by usc in school history. they fall again 62-51. the weekend isn't over of college football until we say it is. you want more football? right now on espn2, oregon state is trailing arizona state. college football final is after that. we will see you next weekend! mascot and port-a-potty. not the best combo. but the ford f-150 with ecoboost, is a great combo. it gets the best combination of towing and fuel economy.
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and one lucky fan is scoring this combo a new ford f-150 ecoboost and a vip trip for two to four bcs bowl games. go to for your chance to win. and while you're there, watch more bad combos.
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colipowell: yes. when he tookore over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization...
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come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and d so, i think we ought to kp on the track that we are on. presprent obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting day in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republin or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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i put away money. i was 21, so i said, "hmm, i want to retire at 55." and before you know it, i'm 58 years old. time went by very fast. it goes by too, too fast. ♪ but i would do it again in a heartbeat. [ laughs ] ♪ ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> the presidential candidates weekend, flying from battleground states, including virginia. just three days away from election day and a final push, obama it is enlisting a former president and a music star. scott thuman joins us from bristow. >> if you were looking for a way off your campaigning here virginia, the president found it. a packed audience, about 25,000 people here tonight on a cold night to hear the t speak. end of campaigns, it is just the main alwayste, there are bring in ached to bigger audience. tonight, and g-8 -- dave matthews, the musician, he warmed up the crowd. and then after him, bill
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clinton, who has been campaigning very closely with the president the past few days nextill be within the days. sometimes they go through five states in a row. prince william county and a big target. the campaign full bit -- pulled 50% of the vote in 2008. they want those numbers to be as high, but they know tough foughtbe a in northern virginia and nervous. like events like this give themthe edge, lookingmism they are .or in this final stretch both formerm clinton andll president obama tonight, talking the last-minute get-out- .he-vote effort >> as you can see, i have given voice in the service of my president. [cheers]
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i went to vote for the president. been a good commander and chief. presidentvote for a brought america out on the other side ready to take off. honor togreat introduce to the next president chief, thender in the man who chief, brought you back and will take you forward, barack obama. virginia, we are here tonight not only to listen to only to heart e master bill clinton break but we'ren for us, also here because we have more to do. need you,y i virginia. don't get tired! don't get weary! if you want to knock on some me and make some
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for me, grabbed some turn out the vote for me, we will win, virginia. >> both men, their voices a bit tired, strained. but at the end, the biggest wine -- thecally saying ubiquitous line of basically o get out thed t vote. the president shook lot of hands. he typically does the rope line after the event. tonight, he was out much longer, every single opportunity. the second thing, in direct with the first, we people on thet of said they were nervous. usually get that response from people. how they feel about this. nervous.said virginia itl like not the way that it was in 2008. they are much more concerned with turnout. some younger voters,
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specifically. say they have seen a signs in their neighborhood. if there was excitement, of bit of but also a anxiety among voters. right now, the effort is strictly, they say, to get everybody they can get to the polls. what we arehat is hearing on both sides, the romney camp as well. last three days, it is all november 6.ows up thuman, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney took his campaign to several battleground states making appearances in new iowa, and finished his day in colorado. voters that he would bring real change to the country and alter the past the country on which he says has led to a stagnant economy unemployment. >> if the president or reelected, he will continue to government and demote businesses. you know, he put together his
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jobs council. did you know that? of business leaders from all over the country. people that he picked. been ninehat it has he has been willing with his own jobs council? i see free enterprise as a means to fulfill their dreams. >> ronnie will campaign in iowa, pennsylvania, and ohio tomorrow -- mitt romney will campaign in those states. hundreds of people rallied in of publicpport today.sting poppetcalled million march was spurred in part by romney's comments during the first presidential debate that if elected he would cut funding for pbs. supporters of the network said that would be shortsighted. at all of the channel,spire one show, the of all the good it education and the why would you even cutting it?
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>> many of the people who came today were either dressed as street characters or brought puppets with them. early voters were in full today, from the district tovirginia, people lined up cast their ballots. and you needed patience. >> just over an hour from start to finish. of voters stood in t snaked itsne tha the fairfax county to cast incenter absentee ballots. >> people want to vote and there complications with >> both campaigns have encouraged early and absentee voting. >> you have to vote. every votecounts, matters. e made upeem t ago. minds month >> we need a change, i think we need a new direction. >> what obama has done for us, i think we should give him another
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years. >> in the district, saturday was forlast opportunity washingtonians to vote early. voters stood outside of about an hourre before waiting more inside. them that it was worthwhile. >> early voting wrapped up in maryland friday night with a standing hours outside of pulling locations. officials are urging voters to be patient and prepare a week on tuesday. >> in fairfax county, we have over 700,000 registered voters. of them show up, those who are not here today, that lines. very long when the polls closed tuesday, election officials say as long already in line, vote. get to suggest wearing warm clothing, bringing water, and even if it -- and even a chair if needed. >> and abc 7 is on your side, any problems at the polls.
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now through election day, tell e problems, from to machine malfunctions. go to our website, or onom/problems, twitter, or to send an e-mail. abc 7 is your home for the best election night coverage, teaming s for thebc new race, plus our ground inon the boston and chicago and following local races as well. join us tuesday. begins at 7:00 p.m. a sexual assault suspect is but not before attacking two different women. us from thee joins room. richard, this latest incident on the howard university campus? >> that is right, a campus officers have taken the of students who normally id's at dorms. sources say the suspect entered
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floor dorm with his hand, sold to the fled.s, and the police say this was not his attack. thesible police presence on howard university campus. >> it was in our dorm, so relief that he is behind bars. >> relief and concern with the rest of this man. dealing with an individual with extremely violent, predatory tendencies. >> the police say the 19-year- gotarco meyers somehow room andird floor dorm sexually assaulting a female student. >> he flashed a knife at her. >> of the school sent an emergency email alert. was later tracked to the 53 lauterbach of fort st. nw. >> there was evidence left at we followed up on that led to his arrest. not situthorities will
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evidence was. police say this was not his first attack. >> i would not expect to have it here. >> folks on washington place were shocked to learn forcingis accused of n apartment a week friday, trying to sexually , stabbingwoman inside times.tiple >> that kind of scares me that is not good. >> howard students and parents the arrest, but dormare worried about the security procedures. and peopleed id's, to figure out how get intowas able to dorm. >> now in jail without bond he multiple sex assault charges. the police will not say if these random or targeted attacks, but a judge has issued a court for the tworder victims, one of whom remains in hospital. the school is conducting an
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internal investigation. hallre holding a town meeting sunday to discuss safety. live in the newsroom, richard reeve, abc 7 news. seen our share of nights, and this is no exception. let's get a first look at the forecast with meteorologist steve rudin. >> definitely cool as we move into early evening morning. thetemperatures outside of t furniture weather center falling into the low 40's from winchester and dulles airport, reagan national. 34 balkans, west virginia, dry tonight. showersooking for some the south of d.c., just out of charlottesville, moving the south and east. not going to impact our area at all. morning, partly cloudy, a start, the temperatures in the 30's. daylight savings time comes to an end in just about two hours. sunrise early tomorrow morning at 6:39, sunset just a little
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after 5:00. a full look at the forecast coming up in just a few minutes, potential of yet another coastal storm. details coming up. >> the aftermath of sandy is being felt in new york and jersey. show you what happened a gas station when tempers flared. also, dramatic video of a train crashing into a truck.
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>> another tough day for the of new york and new jersey as they clean up from from power outages to gas gettingg, people are more frustrated for with each passing day. despite the anger, the news is bad tonight. >> there is some progress to
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report, the lights back on in manhattan. the outlying areas are still in trouble. is taking's governor steps to see to it that residents to vote tuesday. some of the gas lines stretch several miles as millions in the and tempersfor fuel are flaring. half of the stations in new have shut down, and some a gas rationing plan. >> i waded into lines today, two hours, and each said there was no gas. >> i am getting out of the city. >> help is on the way from the federal government. >> 8 million gallons have been at 28 million gallons will be delivered over the next two days. >> million still have no power, dropping.mperature is jersey's governor is worried about disruptions that could keep
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